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System: The Four Seasons Wing Chun School has its basis in the teachings of two great masters of gung fu. Firstly and foremost we base all of our Wing Chun development and most of our application on the teaching of honourable Master Augustine Fong. It is our belief that he is the foremost teacher of Wing Chun Gung Fu in the world par excellence. However, some of our application of gung fu is also influenced by Grand Master Joseph Bell of the Wang Kung Shou Tao Tong. Grand Master Bell was our Sifu’s first gung fu teacher before he studied Wing Chun Gung Fu. It is our combination of the spirit of these two Masters of martial arts that gives Four Seasons Wing Chun its uniqueness. You cannot develop our philosophy anywhere else since the demise of Grand Master Joseph Bell. Only through the study of our system can you experience the combined teachings of these two great men.

Science: Wing Chun Gung Fu is a system based on the science of self defence. It uses the principles of human mechanics to provide it’s practitioners with a practical approach to self protection. Through diligent analysis and practical application, the Wing Chun practitioners seek to understand the physical dynamics of self defence. By executing specific movements in both solo and multiple practitioner situations the student of Wing Chun can consistently evaluate why and how to execute a myriad of physical functions all designed to assist them in a corporal confrontation. Wing Chun Gung Fu utilises the most efficient methods possible when approaching the subject of self preservation kinematics.

Health: The health benefits of Chinese Gung Fu have been well documented. Four Seasons Wing Chun is no exception to this fact. The basis of all martial arts is to have a strong foundation to work from. Footwork is essential in every combative activity. In Wing Chun Gung Fu leg training is the key to all of the other techniques. It is through diligent training of the legs that a Wing Chun student can develop core stability. It is through this core development that we create a wellspring. This fountain of youth, so to speak, is called “dan tien” in Chinese martial culture. To westerners it is the core. Wing Chun is all about core, therefore it is all about the root of health.

Training: There are many theories espoused by various masters of Wing Chun and Ving Tsun and any other similar kung fu styles. Their concepts are valid and hold much credence in the world of martial arts. We at the Four Seasons Wing Chun School pride ourselves in training our students using the most up to date methods to provide our followers with the knowledge to understand the intricacies of this fine and delicate combat art. It is only through careful evaluation and precise concept building that a person can build a rock solid foundation that allows a clear understanding of the difference between development and application of this refined physical recreation.

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